There are five POOJAS and three SHEEVELIS carried out daily in the temple. The morning USHA pooja, ETHIRTHA pooja, PANTHEERADI pooja, UCHA pooja and ATHAAZHA pooja are the five daily poojas. DEEPAARADHANA, after the UCHA pooja, is a specialty of this temple. The temple will remain open from morning 4:00 to afternoon 12:30 and from evening 5:30 to night 8:30. Devotees can get the darshan of Sree Mahadeva during these timings.


Morning 3:50 Palli Unarthal
From 4:00 am Nirmaalya Darshanam
From 4:30 am Abhishekam, Malar nivedyam
From 6:00 am Usha pooja
From 6:15 am Ethirtha pooja
From 7:30 am Sheeveli
From 9:00 am Pantheeradi pooja
From 12:30 pm Ucha pooja
From 12:45 pm Ucha Sheeveli
From 6:30 pm Deepaaradhana
From 8:30 pm Athaazha pooja
From 8:45 pm Athaazha Sheeveli

The above mentioned timings are liable to be changed on special days or special occasions.