Mararikulam Mahadeva Temple History

The legend goes as follows…..

Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva temple is the most important and ancient Shiva temple ,which has its origin dating back to centuries of years. The temple lies about 1 KM west from the NH 47,and is about 14KM from Alleppey.The temple has to its account a lot of specialities which are unseen in any other temple .This is also the only temple where Sree Mahadeva and Parvathi Devi sit facing each other as in swayambhoo .Arattu ceremony in relation to the temple festival being held at the Arabian Sea.

The belief about the temple is as follows .Sree Mahadeva who is sad after the departure of his wife Sathi devi, lies in a stage of deep meditation and Sree Parvathi sits here in Swayamvarabhava, wishing to get Sree Mahadeva as her husband

The incident which is the base for the history of the temple is described in detail in Maha Shiva Purana.Sathidevi, the wife of Lord Shiva, sacrifices her life by jumping herself into the Yaagagni, after her father Dhaksha Prajapathi insult her husband at the Dhaksha Yagam .On hearing the news , Bhadrakali and Veerabhadra arises out of Shiva’s Thirujada and killed Dhaksha .

Shiva, who is in deep grief after the loss of his wife , moves to the Himalayas and engage himself in deep meditation . Sathi devi rebirth as Parvathi , the daughter of Himavan comes to Shiva daily and worshiped him.

At this time , Tharakasura has over thrown Devendra from his kingdom ,and takes over the control of Devalokam .They therefore engage Kamadeva to induce romance in Shiva . Thus Kamadeva reaches Himalaya to induce romance in Sree Mahadeva , and disturbed his meditation . Sree Mahadeva who gets annoyed at Kamadeva , kill him by opening his third eye .It is believed that Sree Mahadeva resides here in this bhava as MARARI and Devi resides in SWAYAMVARA PARVATHI , wishing to marry Sree Mahadeva .Both Idols are self originated (Swayambhu),in Mahamuni’s Ashramam.

The name of place Mararikulam originated from the word MARARIKKALAM ,which means place of enemy of Kamadeva.