Thiruvuthsavam (Main Festival)

The main festival is conducted for 10 Days which is related with Sivarathri.At the end of the festival , the Arattu (Sacred bathing of Idols) is in western Sea which is done at last part of Amavasi in the month of Kumbham (Phalguna) . Auspicious day is the Maha Sivarathri ,devotees keep awaked during the night till the Sivarathri pooja by lightening lamps and prayers . Shayanapradakshinam after fasting on this auspicious day remove all worries in our life and help to fulfill our wishes. The arattu bathing in sea and the procession is connected with that also is very famous . When Pradosha day (it is the time especially meant for praying Lord Siva) comes in between the shivarathir festival ther will be a Rishabavahana Ezhunallippu for Parvathi and Parameshwara.

Thiruvathira Mahotsavam

Thiruvaathira day of the Malayalam month DHANU is the birth star of Sree Mahadeva. This day is celebrated as the special AATTA UTSAVAM here. The celebration starts 7 days before the day of Thiruvathira. It includes Navabhishekam,Koodi Ezhunnalathu, (Procession with Mahadeva and Parvathi devi),Ethirelppu Thalappoli,Uma Maheswara Pushpanjali,Thiruvathira Kali. On the evening of the previous day, MAKAYIRAM, devotees from various places bring lot of substances to the temple, for the Abhishekam of Sree Mahadeva on the THIRUVAATHIRA. Also, turmeric Abhishekam is done to Sree Parvathy on this day. The items for the Abhishekam are often brought to the temple by devotees as KAAVADI. SHATHA KALASHA ABHISHEKAM, KALABHAM, PUSHPA ABHISHEKAM etc. are offered to Lord Mahadeva on THIRUVAATHIRA day. Also, THIRUVAATHIRA VILAKKU is held on this day, which is a very special custom, which attracts hundreds of people. It is believed that at the time of the THIRUVAATHIRA VILAKKU, all the Gods and the Devas will be present to get the darshan of Lord Shiva. So, getting the darshan at this time is considered very special as well as lucky.

Navarathri Mahotsavam

The Navaraathri, which occurs on the KANNI month of the Malayalam year, is yet another important festival here. The PARAYEDUPPU procession to various parts around the temple, takes place during this time. Parvathy Devi goes to every home in this custom, to provide blessings and welfare to all the devotees. PARAYEDUPPU spreads from Kanichukulangara to far off places like Chettikaadu and Thumpoly, which is close to Aleppey. PARAYEDUPPU starts after the UCHA pooja. Further poojas to Lord Shiva will be done only after Sree Parvathy returns to the temple at night, as it is believed that Sree Mahadeva awaits Sree Parvathy, even without having His food. PARARYEDUPPU starts a couple of days before DURGAASHTAMI and ends with the POOJA VAYPPU custom, on the evening of DURGAASHTAMI day. People keep their tools and students keep their books for pooja at a specially prepared SARASWATI MANDAPAM. On the next day, MAHAA NAVAMI pooja and KALASHAABISHEKAM is done at the temple. VIDYAARAMBHAM, which happens on the next day, the VIJAYA DASHAMI, attracts a lot of people from various places.

Ashtami Rohini Mahotsavam

This day is the most important day for Vadakkanappan (Sree MahaVishnu). The jayanthi of Lord Sree Krishna is celebrated in the temple with special poojas. Sahasra naama japam and Bhaagavatha recitation are done from the morning. Also, special KALABHA Abhishekam and UNNI OOTTU will be done on this day. After midnight, offerings such as ASHTAABHISHEKAM, ASHTAMI ROHINI POOJA and APPAM NIVEDYAM are done. Ashtami Rohini Pooja is done at the time of Sree Krishna Avathaaram. Appam nivedyam can be done as an offering by the devotees.

Mandala Mahothsavam

The MANDALA KAALAM, which is considered a very holy period for the Hindus, is observed with serenity in the temple. Special programmes which include special poojas, Mandala bhajan, Chuttu vilakku, Bhaagavatha recitation are organized during this period. The Mandala Utsavam lasts for 43 days. Each day’s pooja is done as an offering (vazhipaadu) by a devotee. The GURUTHI for Raktheshwari is done during the Mandala Utsavam. The Utsavam starts from Vrischikam 1 and lasts till Dhanu 10. The VALIYA GURUTHI, held on the 40th day, is considered very important.

Bhaagavatha Sapthaaham

SAPTHAAHAM, the recitation of Bhaagavatha in seven days, is conducted on the last seven days of the Mandala Utsava season. The SREE KRISHNA AVATHAARAM, RUGMINI SWAYAMVARAM, KUCHELA GATHI days are considered more important than other days. Also, special DEEPAARAADHANA and ANNA DAANAM are done on Sapthaaham days.

Karkkidaka Vavu

This day is among the days on which the temple attracts the maximum crowd. Hundreds of people from various places come to the temple on this day as this day is believed to be the day when the souls of the dead people reach the feet of God. PITHRU NAMASKAARAM is widely done on this day by lots of devotees.


This vazhipadu is carried out on CHINGAM 1, the New Year day of the Malayalam calendar year. Lakshaarchana is done for the welfare and prosperity of people throughout the year. A special mandapam is made and the POOJA KUMBHAM is placed here. Mahadeva naamam is chanted one lakh times and Archana is being done. Archana Kumbham is then taken to the Sreekovil, after Deepaaradhana, and Abhishekam is done. Devotees can also take part in the pooja. Archana can be done as offering by the devotees. Devotees can also chant the mantra during the pooja, and for this, Sahasra naamam books are provided by the Dewaswom.


MURAABHISHEKAM is held once in every year. The pooja consists of chanting of the Vedas and Abhishekam being done, Muraabhishekam is done with all the three Vedas. VEDAJAPA is considered very important for the blessings of Lord Shiva. It increases the blessing power of Idol. The Abhishekam can be done as an offering by devotees. The Abhishekam starts at 5:00 in the morning. Veda chanting is done in the evening also. The Abhishekam and chanting is done by eminent Vedic Scholars from various parts of the state.

Swayamvarahomam & Pantheerayiram Swayamvara Pushpanjali

It is a special homam for Parvathi Devi chanting twelve thousand swayamvara manthra .It span style="mso-spacerun:yes"> hheld in 1st Monday in Malayalam Month Midhunam for various obstacles that delay marriage are removed. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse.

Pradosha Pooja

A special pooja at sunset time in Trayodasi day of every month .Abhishekam will conducting during the time with Gingelly Oil ,Ghee ,Honey ,Milk ,Curd, Coconut water ,Suger cane juice and Rose water Pradosham comes in Monday and Saturday with Karthupaksham is called as Somapradosham and Shanipradosham, which is very special . On Shanipradosham there will be Hrishabhavaha Ezunellippu for both Siva and Parvathi Pradhosha time is especially meant for praying Lord Shiva. Praying in that time will free from all worries and fulfill our wishes

Mahaganapathi homam (held on Malayalam month Karkidakam 1), Ayilliam Pooja (On Thulam dedicated to Nagas) are the other special poojas.